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Limon Peruvian Rotisserie

27 Apr

This is one of those restaurants that’s been on my “Must Try” list for quite sometime. A coworker clued me into this place about a year ago, but I don’t make it to the Mission as often as I should. Similarly, Limon Rotisserie keeps showing up on 7×7’s annual list of eats and on SF Foodie’s 92 things to eat and drink in San Francisco. After hearing so many great things about this place, I have to say I had pretty high expectations, but boy did they deliver.

We had a large group of seven for dinner and decided to order a whole bunch of food and try a bit of everything on the menu. I may not be remembering everything we ordered but I do recall:
  • Pitchers of red sangria -Yum!
  • Ceviche Mixto – fish, calamari & tiger shrimp
  • Ensalada Rusa – root veggies, choclo, peas & green beans tossed in a creamy dressing
  • Seco de Costillas – Braised beef short ribs with huacatay & cilantro served with potaotoes, carrots and English peas.
  • Pollo a la Brasa – a whole chicken slowly roasted over an open flame
  • Vegetable Empanadas – filled with mushroom, spinach, choclo and mascarpone cheese.
I have to say that everything we had was good but my favorites would be (1) the chicken, (2) the empanadas and (3) Ensalada Rusa. The atmosphere was great, the company was great and the food lived up to all my expectations. I will definitely be back again for some sangria and that scrumptious chicken. – 1001 South Van Ness Ave @ 21st Street

The Brixton

27 Apr

I admit that I have been slacking on my posts lately, especially given all the wonderful meals I’ve had in the past few months. Unfortunately, The Brixton was not one of those wonderful meals. Since moving to San Francisco, I’ve had very few mediocre, let alone flat out bad meals. I guess all good things have to come to an end.

A beautiful Saturday in February a couple of friends and I decide to check out Brixton solely because it was new and none of us had been there before. We manage to easily get a table outside and we’re all thinking this place is great. Add in a mimosa (minus some slow service) and things seem to be going fairly well. I decide to order an omelette with mushrooms and tomatoes, pretty standard and my friend orders a salad. I am a firm believer that it is difficult to screw up brunch, let alone eggs but the eggs were lackluster and didn’t seem fully cooked and the dish overall lacked flavor. Adding to the displeasure was the square of “potatoes” that accompanied my eggs. They were inedible. From the picture here, I’m sure they don’t look very good! Sadly, the best part of the meal was the toast. My friend’s salad was okay, but she then noticed some of the chicken in her salad was not fully cooked. The waitress did comp us for the salad, but overall a lackluster experience. The only way I’m headed back to Brixton is if it’s for drinks. I would highly recommend staying away from the food! – 2140 Union Street (Between Fillmore and Webster)

Triptych Brunch

27 Apr

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to head to Triptych with three lovely friends of mine for a nice Saturday brunch. While I don’t hang out much in SoMa, we made our jaunt to that side of town to do some serious wedding dress shopping for my dear friend Leah. Since we were fitting in brunch between appointments, we ended up here based on location and some glowing Yelp reviews. Adding to the allure of Triptych is the 50% off ScoutMob coupon. Yes, I said 50% off! While it can only be used to a max of $15, you can’t go wrong with a FREE coupon for $15 off yummy food!

We started out with a pitcher of mango mimosas. These were good, but I would have to say the raspberry pitcher we had afterwards was even better. I would definitely go the pitcher route if you’re down for mimosas here because a single mimosa is $8 and the pitcher is $20 and you can get a little more than 4 mimosas out of a pitcher. I decided to go for the traditional eggs benedict (black forest ham), but they have a variety of different kinds like spinach and mushroom, eggs only, crab cake, etc. The eggs benedict hit the spot. Good hollandaise sauce and a well poached egg to run all over that english muffin. The potatoes were good too, and bonus you can substitute for tater tots if you’re cool like Napoleon Dynamite.

Also, we all loved the ambiance of the restaurant. They have a lot of great artwork and I loved the baseball paintings behind the bar (see the picture above). Their bathroom is a disco flashback with hanging beads and some crazy pictures. On the plus side, it’s clean and spacious! If you’re looking for a nice (affordable) brunch spot in SoMa‚ĶTriptych will fit the bill. – 1155 Folsom St @ 7th St