Wente Winery – Livermore, CA

3 Jul

Way back in October, two of my colleagues and I bid on a golf lesson and dinner during our company’s community support campaign. This basically meant we paid $200 each for a some wine, dinner and a golf lesson at Wente Winery in Livermore with one of our colleagues who used to be a golf pro. The three of us hadn’t ever really played golf so we were really looking forward to our lessons (and the wine part). I have to admit that our beginning shots at the driving range were pretty bad (mine at least). By the end I could (actually) hit the ball decently. Please put the PGA on notice!


After our lesson and a few holes, we made our way to the restaurant at Wente. We started out dinner with a glass of the brut. Yum, yum celebratory bubbles! We decided to share an order of the oat fried cheddar pork sausages which had a caraway mustard sauce. These were quite tasty little sausages, essentially high-end cocktail weenies with fancy dipping sauce. We also shared the lamb pastrami which was very different than any other pastrami i’ve had and was served on rye crisps. Absolutely delicious.


For a main course I opted to go light with the cod served on a succotash of corn, garden squash, fennel and basil (pictured). It was the perfect summer evening dish after a round of golf. We took a look at the dessert menu (so full at this point), and I saw the peanut butter mousse cake, given my weakness for peanut butter, I had to try it out. It was a delicious layer cake with a really rich and creamy peanut butter flavor. The best I’ve had in awhile, and served with strawberries that were poached in bourbon (delicious). After all this yummy food and such a beautiful day we had to roll ourselves back to the city. Why can’t every Monday be this awesome? Do I really have to go to work tomorrow?


www.wentevineyards.com – 5050 Arroyo Road – Livermore, CA


Also, the lamb pastrami were reviewed by Diablo Magazine which can be found here: http://www.diablomag.com/Diablo-Magazine/March-2012/Pastrami-Goes-Upscale/

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