360 Degrees – Dubrovnik, Croatia

6 Nov

For our last night in Dubrovnik (and our entire Croatian trip) we decided we wanted to go all out. We heard that this was “the place celebrities dine” and thought, if it’s good enough for Beyonce, it’s good enough for us. They don’t take reservations and the night that we went there weren’t that many people dining there. This place is quite romantic and I think Gail and I were both thinking that the couple next to us was on the verge of getting engaged or something.

We ordered a bottle of Posip from Korta Katerena. Great wine. We actually had the same bottle the night before, and of course it was nearly twice as expensive at this place than the previous night. We started out with some amazing fresh sea scallops and a ravioli with a goat cheese sauce, which interestingly enough came in a little travel-size toiletry bottle. For my main dish, I opted for the sea bass. It was really amazing, but a small portion. This place is definitely going for taste and presentation. It was the perfect end to our wonderful trip. The dessert menu looked a bit too exotic for us, so we opted for cheap gelatos on our way home instead.



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