King of Thai Noodle House

3 May

King of Thai is a staple among my friends for a great place to watch a game while enjoying an extremely affordable beer and $5 Thai food. That’s right. Every entree on the menu is just $5. The photo here is of my Pad Thai noodles, which were quite tasty, given the price tag. I’ve also tried the Pumpkin Curry which was also pretty good, but Osha Thai’s is definitely superior (but also more than twice the cost).
The beer selection is decent (see listing above) and ranges from $2-$3 based on how high class your taste is. I’d have to say there aren’t too many places in the city you can get food and a beer for under $10. Although I’ve never tried their delivery service, friends who have say it is not very good. Your best bet is to go in for the full experience, but get there early cause it tends to get crowded.
1268 Grant Avenue –

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