9 May

In order to celebrate my friend Misty’s birthday, we decided to check out Andalu in the Mission. To our (and our pocketbooks) delight, they offer a group menu for parties of 6 or more for only $19.95 a person. When we thought it couldn’t get any better: $15 bottomless sangria and beer. Basically, for $35 you can have a delicious meal and get hammered on their delicious sangria. I would note that their white sangria is actually better than their red. I typically would not even touch white sangria (I love my reds), but yelp reviews told me to go with the white and they were all correct.
Also of note was our awesome waiter who made our evening even better by starting us out with a couple of plates while we were waiting for the rest of our party to arrive and keeping multiple carafes of sangria on the table at all times. Since we were in celebration mode he also livened things up with a round (or three) of free shots.
On to the important part the food:
  • Mini Ahi Tartare Taco with mango salsa
  • Crispy fried Mac and Cheese
  • Green salad with beets and goat cheese
  • Cambazola Cheese Fondue with Apples and bread crisps
  • Sliders with basil aioli and tomato
  • Shrimp with a garlic tomato sauce
  • Coca-Cola braised short ribs
All of the dishes were good but the Ahi taco, sliders, mac & cheese and short ribs were the best. The meat on the ribs practically fell off the bone and was tender and delicious. I’m a Wisconsin girl so anytime there is cheese that is fried, it’s going to get good marks in my book! The fondue tasted great, but it seemed a little to thin and drippy. Overall, the meal was delicious, especially for the price. I will definitely be back again for some sangria and those short ribs! – 16th St. @ Gurrero

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