Q Restaurant and Wine Bar

16 May

On Saturday I had a lovely day bumming around town with a pal of mine and ended up on the 1 bus headed to Laurel Heights to visit my friends Nadlie and Tim at their apartment. We had no idea where we wanted to grab dinner, but after a delicious bottle of champagne and some much needed catching up, we braved the light rain showers and made our way to Q. I had never heard of this Inner Richmond establishment, but this didn’t surprise me since I almost never make it over to that part of town.

We head in and find out that we’re going to have quite a wait ahead of us, so the next logical step is, of course, drinks. Lately, I’ve been on this major sangria kick and when I realized that they had sangria, I was sold. For $16.75 I had my own pitcher of sangria. Yes, I just said my own pitcher. I knew I had an hour wait for dinner and I opted for the most economical drink choice rather than $11 glasses of wine. While we were waiting we decided to start with their well known tater tots. I love tots. These did not disappoint; they were well seasoned and the right amount of crispiness.

After a lengthy wait, we finally get seated at a cosy booth near the back. We quickly make our entree choices, but not before we opt for another round of tater tots. I go for the grilled steak with tarragon-zinfandel butter on mashed potatoes and garlic spinach. The steak was cooked to the perfect medium-rareness and the mashed potatoes were helping soak up the copious amounts of sangria I was consuming. The waiters at Q were friendly and very jovial. They definitely helped make our night more exciting. Q is known for their very traditional American fare including mac & cheese, tater tots, meatloaf, etc. Adding to the already great ambiance of Q is that they have magnetic boards that run along the walls with letters that you can spell out your name or random phrases. I will definitely be back to Q to check out more of their delicious food.

225 Clement Street



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