Golden Boy Pizza

20 May

After a long Saturday afternoon walking around the city and enjoying some sunshine, my friend Misty and I decided that it was time to grab a beer and more importantly, some food. Being in North Beach and inundated with cheesy Italian restaurants and restaurant hosts throwing menus in your face, we decided to hit a low key and affordable establishment. Golden Boy Pizza is a tiny pizza joint in on Green Street, just off Columbus. They’re conveniently located near some of my favorite near-dive bars (Columbus Cafe, Grant-Green and the like). Golden Boy serves up yummy pizza all day and late into the night (2AM on weekends). I ordered a slice of the vegetarian pizza, which was loaded with delicious tomatoes, black olives, red onion and most importantly, cheese. To wash down those pizza slices, they offer beer and wine. Their beer selection is better than I would’ve anticipated for a small spot like this. They offer Trumer Pilsner, Widmer, Stella, Red Hook, and Bud Light.

Golden Boy is definitely the type of place where you go to grab a slice of pizza and not an entire pizza because a whole pizza is $48! I mean it’s good, but that’s a lot of dough. Great for late night or a quick bite after an afternoon sitting in Washington Square park. 

542 Green Street (North Beach)

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