Kennedy’s Irish Pub & Curry House

7 Jun

After a few weeks of being very diligent on my blogging, life has caught up to me and hindered all my progress. Alas, it is time for me to get a post out into the inter-web! Last Thursday, Leah, Danny and I were going to see Arj Barker from Flight of the Concords do some standup at Cobbs Comedy Cafe and decided to grab some dinner at Kennedys Irish Pub & Curry House. For those who don’t  know, Kennedy’s is an interesting spot. It happens to be an Irish pub…with an Indian restaurant inside of it. They also have lots of pool, darts, and a buy-one-get-one happy hour special. I’ve ordered takeout from Kennedy’s many times, but never took the time to dine in.

Between the three of us we ordered the vegetable paneer, chicken vindaloo, chicken tikka masala and garlic naan. Usually, the vindaloo dishes are my favorite as they tend to pack the most punch spice-wise and require a bit of beer to wash down. This time, the vindaloo was not spicy at all. Maybe they thought I couldn’t handle the heat when I went to the counter to order? Next time I will definitely specify that I don’t want a mild version of this dish. The tikka masala was quite good, but not the best I’ve ever had. The vegetable paneer was also acceptable, but I think the paneer dishes at Mehfil Indian ( are better. Overall, Kennedy’s is a nice bar to stop in at and I’m sure that if you’re there late night and are ordering your food around 2AM on your way out the door it tastes much more delicious. Kennedy’s will stay a staple in my Indian restaurant options but am definitely open to suggestions on other Indian spots in the city.

Note – you can often get discount coupons from; $10 for $25 of food, but wait to get the 70% or 80% discount so you only pay $2 or $3 for the coupon. Even better at Kennedy’s is that they let you use it toward food AND drink! Lots of places only let the coupon go toward food. Bonus!

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