Cafe Pasqual’s – Santa Fe, NM

16 Jun

After celebrating the nuptials of the new Mr. and Mrs. Dan Brauer early into Sunday morning, the only logical cure for the mix of mojitos, wine, champagne, and tequila was of course, a breakfast burrito. I have to say, breakfast burritos are one of my favorite dishes. I mean combine breakfast (awesome) with burritos (even more awesome). It’s truly a winning combination in my book.

Cafe Pasqual’s also came very highly recommended and this time, I was not disappointed. I ordered the Chorizo Burrito which is a whole wheat tortilla with scrambled eggs, home fries, and sauteed chorizo covered in green chile and jack cheese. I know a good breakfast burrito, and I’ve tried a number of them (everything from Nick’s Crispy Tacos, Cafe Venue, Rex Cafe, to my office cafeteria). I’m going to go on the record and say this was the best one I’ve had to date. I would gladly accept a challenge from someone who can tell me the best breakfast burrito. If you’re going to be in Santa Fe, Cafe Pasqual’s is a must for breakfast.

They even give their recipe for the Chorizo Burrito. – (505) 983-9340


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