Sobelman’s Bar & Grill – Milwaukee

26 Jul

I know that on that Food Wars TV show, AJ Bombers beat out Sobelman’s for the best burger in Milwaukee. I find this ridiculously hard to believe. While I have not yet had the opportunity to head to AJ’s to try out their burger; in my mind there is nothing better than the Sobelman burger. Maybe some of the nostalgia I hold for Sobelman’s is wrapped around the numerous college memories this place houses. It is by all means, a Marquette establishment, which makes perfect sense as to why they would want to put a new location right on campus in the old Angelo’s location on the corner of 16th and Wells.

While their burgers are pretty damn good, they make an amazing bloody mary. I mean look at this picture, that is some serious garnishment to go along with the spicy liquid goodness that follows. Most times that there are numerous garnishments it’s because they’re trying to over compensate for the lackluster beverage. In the case of this bloody mary, that is not the case, thankfully. I like to think of it as a tasty appetizer to the enormous piece of beef I’m about to consume.

All that aside, I’m not writing this post to debate which burger is better, I’m here to inform the public that IF you ever find yourself in Milwaukee, Sobelman’s Bar & Grill is a necessary stop. The place is always packed. At lunch time you see the whole gamut of individuals here ranging from blue collar construction and factory workers to business suit executives. This really is the kind of place that reminds me of home; good honest food coupled with good people of all walks of life.– 1900 W. Saint Paul Ave. Milwaukee, WI


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