Mission Cheese

5 Aug

I know the title of this blog is Beyond Cheese, but for one post, I’m sticking to cheese. Mission Cheese recently opened on Valencia Street in the Mission and being the cheese obsessed Wisconsonite that I am, I had to check it out while I was in the neighborhood. I was ironically with my other born-and-bred-Wisconsin friend, Leah, and we decided that the Midwest cheese plate, was necessary. I mean, in my mind, anything that comes from Wisconsin (or Midwest for that matter), has to be good, right?

The cheese was downright good. We could taste that this was some good cheese and even better was that their cheese monger walked us through each of the cheeses, which made our experience even more enjoyable. There’s very few cheeses I come across I don’t like, but I’d give the selection high marks. All the cheese served at Mission Cheese is from the US, so you’re not going to find any French or Spanish cheeses on this menu, which is okay. Buy American. Along with your plate comes a hefty serving of bread and a nice little cup of pickles.We also decided to order the mac and cheese, which was good, but maybe put us into cheese overload. I also think that adding something to the mac and cheese or having add-in options would’ve made it even better.

For me, this is the kind of place you stop in for a snack and drink, not a dinner spot. It’s more a place for bites to be shared with friends than to indulge in a full meal.  Mission Cheese is a really tiny spot; so if you’re headed there during primetime, expect a wait. We snuck in early on a Saturday for a late afternoon snackafter spending the day in Delores Park, and the cheesy goodness hit the spot. Mission Cheese has a handful of beers on tap and wine, although I have to be honest and say I didn’t even look at the wine menu. I opted for the Drake Amber, which was really tasty and as an added bonus is served in a mason jar.

736 Valencia St. (between 18th and 19th) – www.missioncheese.net


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