Monk’s Kettle

22 Sep

Pickle Jar

My dear friend and past roommate, Beth was in town visiting last month and we made it to a number of interesting spots during her stay. The first one we checked out was Monk’s Kettle in the Mission. A few different people told me that this was definitely a spot to check out, and we’re glad we stopped in for a late lunch before hanging out in Delores Park for the rest of the day.

First on our radar was beer. We’re both Wisconsin girls, so beer is near and dear to us, not to mention that Monk’s Kettle has a serious beer list. I opted for the London Pride, a delightful pale ale. Next, we moved on to the actual food

Seared Scallops

menu. The first item I noticed was the daily pickle jar, I was intrigued and had to check it out. This little jar, pictured here, had pickles, as you would expect, but also pickled carrot, green beans and cauliflower. It was quite good, but you have to be a fan of pickled things to really enjoy it.
We decided to share small plates, and my favorite was the seared diver scallop, which was wrapped in apple bacon. It was absolutely to die for. First, I love scallops, but you wrap a plump scallop in bacon and you’ve got perfection. The other dish we got was the flatbread with heirloom tomatoes, ricotta and basil. The flatbread hit the spot, but I still can’t stop thinking about those scallops… – 3141 16th Street (between Gurrero & Valencia)


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