30 Oct

Gail and our pizza

My dear friend Gail was visiting SF last weekend and we spent most of the weekend eating and drinking through the city. On Saturday night we didn’t have reservations anywhere and decided that getting on the list at Delarosa, would do the trick.

We started out with the crispy tagliolini dumplings, mozzarella, prosciutto and green pea which was basically a delicious fried ball of amazingess. I have been to this restaurant a number of times, and this is my first time trying this dish and from now on, I’m going to order it every single time. We next moved on to the skewer of sea scallops and citrus which is served with leeks and potatoes in a light sauce. I love sea scallops and this is a nice fresh dish that’s not too heavy to accompany whatever you pick off their menu. Our third shared plate was the meatball in a spicy marinara sauce.

Fritti - Crispy tagliolini dumplings

We also decided to order the heirloom tomato, ricotta salata and basil pizza. I’ve tried a few of their different pizzas, and for some reason wasn’t a huge fan of this one. I felt that it lacked some flavor, which I thought would be the opposite given the tastiness of heirloom tomatoes and the refreshing flavor of basil. The margherita pizza I’ve had before is much better and flavorful. We were also so full at this point we could hardly eat anymore we probably would’ve been better off only getting two shared plates and a pizza instead of three!

Sea scallop skewers and meatballs

Also, I think their wine list is a little short so we opted to pay the $15 corkage fee to bring in a bottle of Zinfandel from Quivira, which I would highly recommend.

Overall, Delarosa is a solid spot in the Marina to grab dinner, especially if you aren’t able to get reservations at some of the other places in the neighborhood. They allow you to call your party in up to 45 minutes before you arrive to get on their waiting list. By time you get there, the wait is usually only 20 or so minutes and they are really good at calling you if you head to one of the nearby bars for a drink. I definitely give them props on convenience in that department and the food is solid. – 415.673.7100 – 2175 Chestnut Street


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